Day One Is In The Books … Savannah, Georgia

River Street

This afternoon we rolled into Savannah around three o’clock.  Not a peep, poop or emergency diaper change required of Isabela on the first leg of our road trip. I can only hope that this is a prelude of what is to come. As we did not have a big eating day planned we decided to take a spin around downtown Savannah.  We were enamored by the beauty of the historic downtown area. Long boulevards lined with magnolia trees and hanging Spanish moss, Southern mansions and beautiful manicured parks. One night is not nearly enough time to explore this city or all the restaurants that have been recommended to us including, Miss Wilkes Dining Room, The Olde Pink House and Alligator Soul to name a few. We will definitely be back. We ended up on the riverfront for a late afternoon walk and stumbled upon an amazing candy shop – River Street Sweets. Fresh made pralines welcomed us at the door and we could not resist! I am still enjoying these treats as I write this tonight.  Tomorrow we head to Charleston and have a great day planned. We will hit up Husk Restaurant for lunch and are still deciding on whether to try McCrady’s or FIG (Food is Good) for dinner.  Time to get some sleep. Till’ tomorrow …

Praline’s at Riverstreet Sweets


4 thoughts on “Day One Is In The Books … Savannah, Georgia

  1. Sue DeRosa

    Historic Savannah is a place everyone should see at least once in their lifetime. The buildings, the streets, the foliage and the food, amazing. Best wishes on your journey, all of your experiences are part of the “book” of your life! Enjoy the drive, the sites, the food and especially the precious time you are spending with your family. Love, Aunt Sue & Uncle Pat

  2. Kim

    Savannah is your couisn birth place. I love Savannah & it historical look in the down town area, especially River Street. I Walk Jason on River Street 34 yrs ago!! Tell that to sweet Isabela Grace!! ❤ I love that you are blogging your journey of traveling with your family!! Love you all, xoxo Aunt Kim

  3. Sami Radtke

    Hello! I am a friend if Trent’s. He told me about your blog. Would you recommend Elizabeth on 37th? I am traveling to Savannah 11/02. Going to Alligator Soul our first night.

    Sami Bissett Radtke, Tampa


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