The Journey Begins

"In case of spontaneous white water rafting urge"

Now how do I get this damn thing in the car? (In case of spontaneous white water rafting urge)

As we begin our road trip today, I am reminded of 2007 and my departure on a journey abroad that would start in Europe to work at the Fat Duck in Bray, England and eventually end in Asia.   Two full suit cases packed with clogs, notebooks and knives in hopes that I would not embarrass myself or my sponsors who arranged for this amazing opportunity to happen *(Thank you Wolfgang Puck-always).   As I embarked on my journey I arrived at the Orlando Airport only to find out that the company did not book the departure on the day I was scheduled to leave.  Back to my house I went as I became increasingly nervous that this incredibly opportunity was falling apart until finally reaching Wolf’s assistant and clarifying my trip was postponed another day. I was relieved, anxious and excited to be leaving the next morning.

Last night I had those feelings of anxiety and excitement again. Although these feelings were somewhat similar, like the contents of my suit cases, they were also very different.  For the first time in my life my culinary pursuit will not be solo but shared with those I love.  I am excited about sharing my passion with my family but so very anxious to be traveling with our daughter Isabela and taking in the countryside with Amy.  Would we be ok? Did we book the hotel rooms on the right days? What if we do not make it on time and lose our dinner reservations at Husk, McCradys, Farmstead and La Laiterie in Rhode Island, Inn at Little Washington, The Spence, Eugene just to name a few. Would Isabela continue to be an angel on the road and during dinner or will she become hell on wheels?  How will we handle those “emergency pit stop” diaper changes and screeching sounds coming from the back seat?

With only a few hours of sleep and after a few cups of Panther Coffee this morning- alI I can say is how fortunate I am  to have this time with my family and to find the answers to all of those questions while creating new memories along the way.

Stay tuned!


2 thoughts on “The Journey Begins

  1. Adam DeRosa

    This will be an amazing journey for you and your family. Take your time, breathe deep, eat great food, become inspired, cherish every moment with “Cupcake” and Momma. I look forward to following your adventure…

  2. Stefanie

    Hope you bought some cold brew to go! Have fun! I’ll be in ATL next week – you’ll have to tell me how The Spence is!


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